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Interactive media installation by N. Tsymbal and S. Komarov

With humor and irony artists reflect on trendy science art...
Interactive media installation by N. Tsymbal and S. Komarov @ MIGZ 2009 festival in Mosco


Paralleloid from Nikita Tsymbal on Vimeo.

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It's funny how you often only hear about the best projects long after they have been completed. This is nice.

This is a registration of Swarm ( ), an interactive installation created by Blendid for the exhibition "Re-ACT" / Interactive Light Art at 'Centrum Kunstlicht in de Kunst' (Centre Artificial light in Art) in Eindhoven.


[data] Data Event 41.0 - Thursday 29th of April @6.30pm

This will certainly be worth checking out. Unfortunately it clashes with my upcoming audio-visual performance—at Project Brand New—in the Project Arts Centre, at 8pm on Thursday 29 April.


DATA EVENT 41.0 - DON'T MISS OUT, Special Guest from the US Kim

When: Thursday, 29th of April, 6.30pm
Location: The Science Gallery, Trinity College Dublin on Pearse Street
in The Naughton Institute.
Presenters: Karl Klomp [NL], Paul Hegarty [IE], Kim Cascone [US]

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My blogs will primarily be comprised of autobiographical updates as well as news, events, announcements and reviews of other artists' work—that either interest me, or repel me—whether it be an exhibition, a performance, a film, a lecture or any other cultural endevour. 


In this section I will also provide links and information to important media-art events and developments—at home and abroad—as I hear about them. I will attempt to strike a balance between technical data and cultural theory.

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