Embodiment & Architecture IV: Tech Setup

Kee Klamp projector shelf and mirror rig

The choreography and narrative necessitate the dancer performs floor movement. Therefore we need to achieve a vertical projection. Most short throw projectors cannot be turned through 90 degrees because they use mirrors to achieve the “short throw” and therefore must sit flat on a desk/counter.

We therefore decided to use a mirror to achieve the vertical projection. When using a mirror in any stage production you must comply with Health and Safety standards. I designed the rig with a two-tiered functionality:

  1. to provide a level platform upon which to place the projector.
  2. to provide a safe and secure housing for the mirrow which will need to be tilted at a 45 degree angle.

See illustration above.

I built a rig out of scaffolding which is fully compliant to BS EN 10255 (ISO 65), this is the same Health and Safety regulations to which the lighting truss is manufactured. Upon speaking to industry professionals I decided to use Kee Klamp® which are supplied, in Ireland, by Allen Key Fittings Ltd. The rig is clamped to the truss using swivel clamps.