It seems that anything interesting happening in the Dublin media art scene, this week, is falling on the same evening—Thursday 29 April. The M.Phil in Music Media Technologies is hosting their graduate performance in the Samuel Beckett Theatre in TCD. I'd love to attend this one as it sounds uncannily similar to my own performance taking place in the Project Arts Centre on the same evening... at the same time. Still, at least I'll get a chance to go to the exhibition which goes on for three days. See below for details.


Concert: Samuel Beckett Theatre, Trinity College  

Date & Time: Thursday 29th April 2010, show starts at 7:30pm 

Admission: €15/€10 concession 

To purchase tickets for the concert please visit: 

theatre/events/index.php or 


Exhibition: Samuel Beckett Theatre Foyer and Studios 191 & 192 

Opening times: Thursday 29th April (12–8pm), Friday 30th April & Saturday 1st May 2010 (12–6pm) 

Admission: FREE 


From Drums to Light, a popular expression amongst radio engineers, describes a very broad 

frequency range, from the low frequencies of drums that our ears hear, to the high frequencies of light 

that our eyes receive. The title of this years Graduate show and exhibition is inspired by the variety of 

works included in the programme, promising to be a heady brew of new and exciting artistic and 

musical ventures representing the full spectrum of the students’ research. 


From Drums: Utilising advances in the spatialisation and playback of sound, compositions and 

demonstrations exploring surround sound techniques, acousmatics, and wave field synthesis, through 

themes as diverse as phonemes, intellectual property in music, Wiimote-gesture interfaces and solar 

physics, will be shown in the exhibition or performed in concert by musicians from Crash Ensemble, 

Ireland’s premiere New Music collective. To Light: From an immersive installation incorporating 

research into music therapy, a hexaphonic guitar that triggers audio processing and visuals, to a 

dream-catching interactive dance performance and a sculptural installation that generates audio 

feedback, these audio-visual works further highlight the multi-disciplinary practices of a diverse group 

of emerging composers, artists, researchers and technologists. Come and explore the full spectrum, 

From Drums to Light!  


The research conducted towards this concert and exhibition was completed as part fulfillment of the 

MPhil. in Music and Media Technologies, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland. The Music and Media 

Technologies programme is a joint initiative from the School of Engineering and the School of Drama, 

Film and Music, Trinity College Dublin. For more information on the course, please visit the Music and 

Media Technologies website or contact the Course Director, Dr. Fionnuala 
Conway by phone at (+ 353 1) 8962508 or email: