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Here you will find answers to many questions about my work, and all the most up-to-date information on my latest projects and artistic exploits; what I am working on, who I am working with, and why I am doing it.

03/22/2011 - 14:12

Kafka's Attic: A Digital Media Dance-Theatre Performance.

Kafka's Attic is a new, innovative performance collaboration combining several artforms: Dance, Theatre, Digital Media Visual Art and Sound Art. It is a 30 minute Dance-Theatre performance using expressive contemporary dance techniques and dialogue. Body movement and set design is enhanced by real-time, responsive digital media projections; via their bodily movement the...

08/30/2010 - 17:39

This concept was born out of my Belfast Harbour Proposal. Since conceiving the project several months ago I have been experimenting with low resolution videography. I am intrigued by the subject, the magnification, macro-pixelation; the brilliant, shifting of colours within an individual pixel in a digital imaging device is an arresting phenomenon, especially when one considers the huge amounts of...

07/15/2010 - 19:12
This project is concerned with creative audio-visualisation derived from an empathy for the kinetic and kinesthetic properties of space. Via the synchronisation of choreography and audio-visuals—through the use of computer vision technology—this reserach seeks to elaborate on the pioneering work of artists such as Klaus Obermaier and Gideon Oberzanek's, ...
04/26/2010 - 16:53

This intriguing project was sprung on me a mere 4 weeks ago. The concept was the brainchild of my friend and colleague Joe Lakes—with whom I have studied and worked closely on several projects. It was submitted to Project Brand New and was accepted. The performance will take place on Thursday 29 April at the Project Arts Centre, in Dublin.


Every Sunday in Havana, Cuba, a group of Afro-Cuban musicians and dancers gather in a small side-...

01/08/2010 - 16:55

This project concept has been developed in response to the call for submissions put forward by the Belfast Harbour Commissioners. The concept encompasses several practises including video, sculpture, architecture and interactive art.
In this document I propose a sculptural video space which will show precomposed graphics and audio of a maritime theme—they will react to local weather and tidal data via an RSS data-feed. It will graphically translate weather/tidal...

12/02/2009 - 19:33

The objective of this project is to create a unique and original piece between the circus performers of PassePartout Circus and myself. The project will involve a 20—30 minute audio-visual performance encompassing the skills of juggling, contact juggling, poi, staff, acrobatics and dance. These skills will be used to create visual shapes. Acrobatics and dance will enhance the oeuvre and give the composition movement.

This project has been in the...