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Embodiment & Architecture IV: Tech Setup

Kee Klamp projector shelf and mirror rig

The choreography and narrative necessitate the dancer performs floor movement. Therefore we need to achieve a vertical projection. Most short throw projectors cannot be turned through 90 degrees because they use mirrors to achieve the “short throw” and therefore must sit flat on a desk/counter.

We therefore decided to use a mirror to achieve the vertical projection. When using a mirror in any stage production you must comply with Health and Safety standards. I designed the rig with a two-tiered functionality:

Embodiment & Architecture III: Rehearsal

Monika rehearsing with the 'Bounding Box' graphics.

Up to now the project has been speculative; having only produced mockups in the studio we still weren't 100% sure that it would work in the theatre. So the time had come to bite the bullet and rent a venue where we could put all the theory into practice, and see the fruits of our labours. Besides, the project has really come to an impasse as far a developing it any further in the studio is concerned, due to such factors as:

Embodiment & Architecture II: Costume & Lighting

It's been a while since I've had a chance to look at this project. Web design contracts seem to have taken over my life in recent weeks. However I've managed to put a couple of web projects to bed—for the time being—thereby freeing up some time for me to work on my art projects again.

The next stage in this project has thrown up two new problems for us: 

Wixel Cloud

It's funny how you often only hear about the best projects long after they have been completed. This is nice.

This is a registration of Swarm ( ), an interactive installation created by Blendid for the exhibition "Re-ACT" / Interactive Light Art at 'Centrum Kunstlicht in de Kunst' (Centre Artificial light in Art) in Eindhoven.


ENVISION: Step into the sensory box

This is a sublimely executed application of the growing genre of audio visual mapping. Below is a translation of the French description on their vimeo page, so please forgive me if my translation isn't totally accurate.  

Calle O'Reilly

Five percussionists, a bass player and two vocalists will perform the Afro-Cuban song “Compa Galletano” over a Guaguancó rumba rhythm. Two digital media artists and one programmer will use electronic sensors and motion-tracking techniques to drive a live video performance which will take the audience on a unique journey to the roots of Afro-Cuban music.

The performance will be the opening event of the Project Brand New 3-Day celebration of new and innovative work in the performing arts. It will take place at 8.00pm on Thursday 29 April.


It seems that anything interesting happening in the Dublin media art scene, this week, is falling on the same evening—Thursday 29 April. The M.Phil in Music Media Technologies is hosting their graduate performance in the Samuel Beckett Theatre in TCD. I'd love to attend this one as it sounds uncannily similar to my own performance taking place in the Project Arts Centre on the same evening... at the same time. Still, at least I'll get a chance to go to the exhibition which goes on for three days. See below for details.

[data] Data Event 41.0 - Thursday 29th of April @6.30pm

This will certainly be worth checking out. Unfortunately it clashes with my upcoming audio-visual performance—at Project Brand New—in the Project Arts Centre, at 8pm on Thursday 29 April.


DATA EVENT 41.0 - DON'T MISS OUT, Special Guest from the US Kim

When: Thursday, 29th of April, 6.30pm
Location: The Science Gallery, Trinity College Dublin on Pearse Street
in The Naughton Institute.
Presenters: Karl Klomp [NL], Paul Hegarty [IE], Kim Cascone [US]

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