Virtual Reality

Aesthetics of Virtual Worlds Lev Manovich  
Avant-Garde, Cyberspace, and Architecture of a Future Lev Manovich  
Virtual Reality as the End of the end of the Enlightenment Project Simon Penny  
Without Interaction we Live in Absurdity  Jaron Lanier  
"Constructions and Reconstructions of the Self in Virtual Reality" - Sherry Trukle  
"The Pearly Gates of Cyberspace,"  - Margaret Wertheim  
**Links to Interviews on VR & Culture (Meidamente Italian e-resource)  
Enthralling Spaces - The Esthetics of Virtual Environments  Margaret Morse  
Philosophonics of Space: Sound, Futurity and the End of the World  Frances Dyson  
The Architecture of Cyberception Roy Ascott  
art hsitory and virtual reality  Oliver Grau  
Frame and Excess Joseph Nechvatal  
Intelligent Agent Articles on VR

Dena Elisabeth Eber, "Artistic Virtual Environments, Aesthetics and Experiences"
Dena Eber, Greg Little, Brian Betz, "The Aesthetic Experience, Emotion and an Artistic Virtual Environment"
Josephine Anstey, "Agents in Love. On the Construction and Use of Emotional Characters in VR"
Patrick Lichty, "Derivative Touch Designer" 
 Patrick Lichty, "Sudeki"

Peter Anders  A Procedural Model for the Integration of Physical and Cyberspaces in Architecture
Lev Manovich, The Aesthetics of Virtual Worlds: Report from Los Angeles 
George Landow  - Location, Space, Architecture links 
Enthralling Spaces: The Aesthetics of Virtual Environments** - Margaret Morse  ##
Tiffany Sutton - Immersive Contemplation in Video Art Environments 
Avatar and the Power Grid - Michael Heim  links to other essays
Alterne - papers on virtual reality