Technology / Body / Biology / Physical Computing / Wearable / Robotics

Cyborg Manifesto  Donna Haraway    The Ironic Dream (earlier version) 
Will the Real Body Please Stand Up?  Sandy Stone  
CyberIntimacy: >From Net Nookie to Coffee Talk Kathy Rae Huffman  
Utopian PromisesóNet Realities   Critical Art Ensemble  FLESH MACHINE MOLECULAR INVASION  
The Body as Artistic Focus  (exerpts from Information Arts: Intersections of Art, Science, and Technology)  - Stephen Wilson 
Orlan and the Transgrssive Act Barbara Rose  
The Virtualisation of Art Practice Simon Penny  
Transgentic Art  Eduardo Kac  
Fast, Cheap & Out of Control - Errol Morris (film about Rodney Brooks and robotic research) 
We Sing the Body Electronic Imaging the Body in the Electronic Media  Josephine Anstey  
Body Noise Thecla Shiphorst  
Haunted: Digital Embodiment and Memory, Paul Kaiser of Riverbend, at ATC aUCBerkeley, 10.28.02.(streamed lecture)  
"Plastination,"   - Body Worlds Web Site 
Susan Elizabeth Ryan - Re-Visioning the Interface: Technological Fashion 
Rogue, Evelyne - Chimeres : du mythe a la realite 
Bodies Connected in Space**  Stahl Stenslie  
Anna Barros  - Feature: Body, Place-Time and New Media 
Dance & Technology Zone (links to articles) 
Bodies in the age of Electronic Reproduction (Nicky West)  
Cybernetic Bodies (links to articles)  
Malcolm McCullough - preface from Digital Ground: Architecture, Pervasive Computing, and Environmental
Fuller,  . Perfect Match: Bodies and Biometrics in a Networked World 
Natalie Bookchin Biotech course links 
Ruth West - Genetics and Art course links 
Extensions: The Online Journal for Embodied Technology (UCLA) 
Lev Manovich - poetics of augmented space
Eugene Thacker Bioinfomatics 
George Landow Cyborgs, Gender, the Body links  
Nina Czegledy, Digitized Bodies Art and BiomedicineDigitized Bodies Show 
George Gessert, Bibliography on Art & Genetics 
Bettyann Holtzmann Kevles & Marilyn Nissenson  Picturing DNA 
 Camille Baker - embodiment, technology, telepathy  
Linda Carroli - Intimate Transactions  
David. Saltz, The Art of Interaction: Interactivity, Performativity and Computers 
Bodies and Technology course reading list 
Visual Knowledges Conference (Edinburgh)  - some papers on medicine/art  
Tom Igoe  Bibliography in Physical Computing
Carol Gigliotti - AI Society, Genetic Technologies and Animals
N. Katherine Hayles - Flesh and Metal: Reconfiguring the Mindbody in Virtual Environments 
journal of neuro aesthetics 
 Herbert Blau - The Human Nature of the Bot
Jens Hauser - Art & biology cagtalog  essay (french) 
Natasha Vita-More - The New [human] Genre — Primo Posthuman 
Art Review - Green Issue 
Leonardo Almanac - Special issue on Wild Life and Digital Life 
Ernestine Daubner - From Virtual Reality & Artificial Life to Real Life: The Emergence of Bio-Tech Art
Daubner, Ernestine - Art, (bio)technologies & (dis)abilities: Challenges of an Expanding Body/Mind
Natasha Vita-More - Wisdom [Meta-Knowledge] through AGI / Neural Macrosensing 
Papers on art & brain 
Thecla Shiphorst  - Wearable literature review   review of projects 
Visual Culture and Bioscience virtual seminar 
ethicbots: conference on Ethics of Human Interaction with Robotic, Bionic, and AI Systems
Chris Oates - What if Bionics Were Better?
Pau Waelder Laso - Games of Pain: Pain as Haptic Stimulation in Computer-Game--Based Media Art  -  Leonardo 
Eugene Thacker essays

"Nine Disputations on Theology and Horror", Collapse [link]
"Pulse Demons", Culture Machine [link]
"Biological Sovereignty", Pli: The Warwick Journal of Philosophy [link]
"Biophilosophy for the 21st Century", CTHEORY [link]
"Cryptobiologies," ArtNodes Journal [link]
"Nomos, Nosos, and Bios in the Body Politic", Culture Machine [link]
"Networks, Swarms, Multitudes", CTHEORY [link01] [link02]

Can Art Save the Polar Bear? by Martin Spray
Birthing A Virtual Residency by Aviva Rahmani
Ferran, Bronac / Ratto, Matt - Artists and Scientists as Extremophiles: Extreme Environments and Ecology 
 Greta de Groat -  Artists and the Environment: report from seattle CAA
Alan Boldon - reading list in art & ecology 

Art and Neurology:
neidich,  zimmer  Society of Neurons 
O’Shea and Sneltved - Mindscape: An Attempt to Visualize the Workings of the Brain 
Heather Barnett. and Robert Whittle - Drawing the Line:. Some Observations on an. Art/Science Collaboration
Damian Murphy - spatial Audio Measurement,. Modeling and Composition