Speed and Information: Cyberspace Alarm! by Paul Virillio && 
Code Warriors by Arthur and Marilouise Kroker  
Mark Poster (links to interviews, papers)  
Mark Poster, CyberDemocracy 
UC Berkeley Art/Technology/Culture Presentations videos (George Lewis, Christine Paul, Debra Solomon, Leonard Shlain, Sara Diamond, 
Steve Wilson, Michael Naimark, Paul Miller aka DJ Spooky, Victoria Vesna, Paul Kaiser, Robert Atkins, Anne Wagner,  
Chip Lord & Constance Lewallen,  Pamela Lee, Mark Hansen, Shawn Brixey & Richard Rinehart, Jim Campbell, Nina Katchadourian) 
Christiane Paul - Reflections on Information Visualization
Julian Dibbell, Rape in Cyberspace&& 
Sally Jane Norman - Culture and the New Media Technologies 
Pierre Levy, Toward Superlanguage   home site 
Roy Ascott - Technoetic Pathways toward the. Spiritual in Art: A Transdisciplinary. Perspective on Connectedness 
From Appearance to Apparition: Communications and Consciousness in the Cybersphere by Roy Ascott && 
Introduction to Consciousness Reframed  Roy Ascott && 
The Architecture of Cyberception Roy Ascott&& 
Implicate Art - Roy Ascott && 
Other papers  - Roy Ascott 

Telematic Embrace and other papers Edward Shanken&& 
Online Papers on Consciousness - links  David Chalmers  
The Connective State: Europe's technoetic dimension  Roy Ascott  
Distance and Aura Lev Manovich && 
Cinema as Cultural Interface  Lev Manovich && 
Computer as a Filter to Culture Lev Manovich**
An Archeology of a Computer Screen  Lev Manovich && 
Heve Fischer - Critical Texts 
Eddie Shanken (tech & art historian) - essays&&
Californian Ideology  Richard Barbrook and Andy Cameron  
Response to Californian Ideology Louis Rosetto && 
Cheap, Fast, and Out of Control  Tim Druckrey  
TELEKPHRASIS Tim Druckrey && 
Nina Czegledy  - digitazed bodies, virtual spectacles / crossing over - curated events && 
Brian Thomas Carroll - Architecture of Electricity 
Schematic differences between modernism and postmodernism (Hassan) && 
MediaMente (Italian resource of interviews on topics in digital culture)  
Digital Imaging Forum (excerpts from various theorists
Society of the Spectacle   Guy Debord && 
Gene Youngblood - Expanded Cinema (1970 classic) 
Peter Marshall, Guy Debord and the Situationists from Demanding the Impossible && 
Reflexionism & Diffusionism  Steve Mann (surveillance) && 
City of Bits (William Mitchell) && 
Switch E-zine special issue on data and informaiton structures (Slayton, Thacker, Manovich, Deiitrich)  
Katherine Hayles(textuality, science) Virtual Bodies and Flickering Signifiers 
Katherine Hayles , Prologue to How we became posthuman;   "From Hyphen to Splice: Cybernetic Syntax in Limbo  :  "Liberal Subjectivity Imperiled: Norbert Wiener and Cybernetic Anxiety" 
Francisco Varela  
Vesna, V. and J. K. Gimzewski (2003). "The Nanoneme Syndrome: Blurring the fact andfiction in the construction of a new science." Technoetic Arts 1(1): 7-24
Brett Stahlbaum - Large Data Sets and the Sublime (July/August 2004 issue of Ylem Journal)&& 
Lev Manovich Anti-Sublime as Data Art&&
Lisa Jevbratt  "a prospective of the sublime in data visualizations"&&
Gary T. Marx - Electric Eye in the Sky: Some Reflections on the New Surveillance and Popular Culture 
Manual DeLanda  Other writings & Switch Interviews &&
Critical Art Ensemble - books on Technoculture &&  
Technophrophets - analysts of the technofuture - Grobin  
Surveillance Systems - Towards an electronic panoptical society? - Interview David Lyon  
Being in Cyberspace (links to readings)&& 
Marcos Novak (interview - Poetiecs of Cyberspace) 
Richard Wright - Art & Science in Chaos (Comments on Visualization)  
quickstepping through digiland - Amanda Steggell  
Beyond The Orality/Literacy Dichotomy: James Joyce And The Pre-History Of Cyberspace (Donald F. Theall )&&  
The Cultural Roots of Globalization - Annick Bureaud&& !!!!
Critic as Curator - interview Peter Lunenfeld  
Machiko Kusahara - device art 
Birger Hj�rland & Jeppe Nicolaisen (eds.) - The Epistemological Lifeboat - Epistemology and Philosophy of Science for Information Scientists
Tilman Baumgartel - Data Recycling 
Michael Hohl - Transformation or "mapping from one domain to another
Anne Nigten - Processpatching: Defining New Methods in aRt 
IDC archives - critique on web and techno optimism 
Michael Arnold Mages - Digital Aesthetics resources
Anat Online Discussions on bioart, artificial intelligence, robotics, climate change and space,
art engineers versus machine divas  ( Retro-Utopian Investigation of Machine Theatre)