Syllabi of Courses


caitlin fisher  - Future Cinema Course 
Lev Manovich courses

Stephen Wilson/ Paula Levine CIA Courses

  Art & Emerging Technologies (Stephen Wilson) 
  Art & Telecommunications (Stephen Wilson) 
  Art and GPS - Paula Levine

Art and Technology. Performance & Media (Christa Erickson)  Links to essays 
Trebor Scholz - The Social Web (Web 2.0: What Went Wrong?)
   Net Cultures: Art, Politics, and the Everyday 
   Cultural Theory & Data-Based Art   
Fred Stutzman - Technologies of Friendship 
Creativity: the Convergence of Science, Art, and the Humanities  (amy ione)  
Gender and Technology (Sherry Turkle MIT) 
Biology and Sculpture (Charles Tucker) 

computing in the arts (Adirenne Jenik)  
The Internet (Mark Poster)
Theories of Technology & Culture (Mark Poster)   
Natalie Bookchin
   Net Art Course  Natalie Bookchin  Assignments in Intro to Computing in the Arts&&
   Digtal Revolution? Natalie Bookchin  
  Net Art (bookchin?)  
Digital Cultures Course in UK(Sean Cubit - good bibliography, course guide to cyberculture, cyberfemism, luddities, computer tech, hypermedia,etc)  
Cyberwars - Baudrillard & Problem of Mimesis (Cynthia Haynes-Burton)  
Interactive Media (Randall Packer)  
Imaging the Future (Friedman - Duke)  
Multimedia - History, theory, practice (Randall Packer)  
Digital Culture (Heidi Gilpin)**
Cyberspace Humanities (Arthur Chandler)  
Sociology of Cyberspace ( Leonardo Salamini and Jim Brazell)** 
Art-Science Course** (Marta Lyall)  ##
Graduate Electronic Media ( Christa Erickson)  
Computer Information Links -  Jennifer Steinkamp  
Web Design for the Culture - Goldsmiths college, UK 
Science Fiction VR course 
Interactive Media and Lingo (George Legrady)  
Experimental Media (Sharon Daniels) ** 
Eugene Thacker (Gatech)
  Proseminar in Digital Media (LCC8801, S07), syllabus
  Biomedicine and Culture (LCC3318, S07), syllabus
Net Cultures: Art, Politics, and the Everyday -    Trebor Scholz  
Cultural Theory & Data-Based Art  - Trebor Scholz &&
Networked Art Practice  Netcultures - Trebor Scholtz 
 Intro to Digital Art  John Hopkins  (U colorado)  
Advanced Computer Imaging - Mark Amerika - net art  
Web Studies - David Gauntlett  (chapter 1 of book)  
Intro to technoculture - Ingrid Richardson && 
Social studies of  information &  technology - anne galloway  
The Digital - CCA - Andy Cox Steve Hartzog 
Hybrid Arts (Donald Day cca) 
Alan Boldon - .falmouth - Art and Ecology 

Technoculture New Media   - kim stringfellow ** 
Experimental Media - andrea polli ** 
Special Topics in Cultural Studies: Cyberculture - steven shaviro  
Image - Time - Motion II - Andreas Treske  (also good links on hypertext)  
Laura Baigorri and Pau Alsina - Bibliograpy: glocal heterotopies  - On line reader about art, activism and technology
Ruth West - course on genetics/art 
Responsive Environments and Data Landscapes - Teri Rueb
Artistic Practice in the Digital Age - Kim Stringfellow&&
SITEspecific - Alison Sant and Elizabeth Goodman
Pace, Place, Interface: Issues and Projects in Locative Art - Leslie Sharpe
Art and GPS - Paula Levine  interview Spatial Dissonance, Subjective Imagination and Locative Media
The Pedagogical Practice of Locative Experiences  - Ann Morrison, Lorna MacDonald, Ian MacColl 
   and Matthew Simpson
Locative Media - Pete Gomes
Neighborhood Narratives - Hana Iverson, Steve Bull, Nick West
Locating multimedia practice in the internet of things - Derek Hales
LEA locative media syllabi 
Rhyzome syllabi project (in process 7/06) 
Art, Science and Technology - Victoria Vesna 

The Internet as a Space for Art Making - Mark Tribe 

Introduction to Computing in the Arts - Adriene Jenik
Survey of new tech art  - UCLA

Eugene Thacker   (Georgia Tech)

] Proseminar in Digital Media (LCC8801, S07),
] Biomedicine and Culture (LCC3318, S07),
] Science, Technology & Postmodernism (LCC2116, F06)
] Intro to Science, Technology & Culture (ENGL1102, F06)