Internet / Web / Net Art / locative media / Information Flow

Trebor Scholz - The Social Web (Web 2.0: What Went Wrong?)  History of the Social Web 
Rafael Lozano Hemmer, Jennifer Laughlin - visual survey of precdents to amodal suspension (art history/ communication/ public art/tech)
Joachim Blank, What is netart ;-)? 
Multicultural Issues in Web Design 
Transcultural Media reader (collection of papers on locative and other media) 
Adrienne Russell, Mizuko Ito, Todd Richmond, and Mark Tuters.  Networked Public Culture
Andreas Broeckmann,Net.Art, Machines, and Parasites  Tactical Art Media 
netart on nettime 
meta-matic theory on alternative browsers  theoretical studies
andres ramirez gaviria - when is informaiton visualization art? 
Arie Altena  The Browser Is Dead 
Siegfried Zielinski, "7 Items on the Net"  
Erkki Huhtamo, "Seven Ways of Misunderstanding Net Art."  
Robert Adrian: "Net Art on Nettime."  
Critical Art Ensemble,Mythos Information: Welcome to the Wired World The Mythology of Terrorism on the Net 
Tilman Baumgaertel   Art on the internet - part 1, 
Tilman Baumgaertel  art on the internet - part 2  
Anne Galloway  Intimations of Everyday Life: Ubiquitous computing and the city 
Jack Miles and Douglas McLennan Digital Goes Critical 
Context as Moving Target: Mapping the Digital World, Christine Paul,  -  atc Colloquium  (streamed lecture)  
The Virtual Barrio @ the other Frontier," Guillermo Gómez-Peña  
How We Made Our Own "Carnivore  by RSG  
Paul Brown Networks and Artworks 
 T. Berners-Lee, J. Hendler and O. Lassila, "The Semantic Web," in *Scientific American* (May, 2001). 
Lev Manovich  Detour to the East 
Ars Electronica(97) Web Art Jury Statement 
Siggraph98 Web Art Jury Statement 
Architecture of Cyberception Roy Ascott   homepage (other papers)**  
Technology and Intuition: Is there Love in Ascott's Telematic Embrace (review by Edward Shanken )  
Andreas Broeckman "Net, Art, Machines, Parasites"  
Interactive Art on the Internet (Edurardo Kac)  
Art & Telecommunications (Perry Hoberman interview) 
The Future of Communication Formats-Webness**(Derrick de Kerckhove)  
Network Art and Virtual Communities  (Derrick de Kerckhove)  
Mythos Information (Critical Art Ensemble) Utopian Promises - Net Realities Home Page  
Electronic Culture (excerpt from Tim Druckrey's book)  
Net Art as Theater of the Senses   A HyperTour of Jodi and  Grammatron (Randall Packer)  
Old Boys Network(cyberfeminist critique)  
Berkeley Consortium - Symposium on Net Art Issues  %%
Geert Lovink  Interview with Web Stalker creators 
net art in the age of digital reproduction   -  David Ross  
Fred Forest essays 
Derrick de Kerckhove Webness 

Timothy Druckrey Networked Identity   %%
first monday - essays on internet culture 
Randal Packer Telematic Manifesto 
Mark Amerika/Techne - Histories of Internet Art project at U Colorado alt site  (Mark Napier, Young Hae-Chang Heavy Industries,  
Ben Benjamin, Melinda Rackham, Alex Galloway, Lev Manovich, Giselle Beiguelman, Heath Bunting, John F. Simon Jr., Erik Loyer,  
Mary Flanagan, Lisa Jevbratt, John Klima, Christiane Paul, DJ Spooky, Mark Tribe, Andy Deck, Randall Packer, et al)  
Cal Arts - Story of Net Art 
AratMedia  (Aesthetics of Communication and Netart - French/english)
discussion on locative media 

net art bibliography 
Walker Art Center - List of Essays on Web/ digital Art 
Net.Art conference  (Europe - critique) 
Essays - Geert Lovink  
Alt-X  List of Essays 
Digitial Revolution? (Natile Bookchin syllabus on web art & cyberculture)  
Classics of Net.Art  (Vuk Cosic )  
netzwissenschaft  - (net art links, books, essays, organizations) 

Jorge Luis Borges, "Library of Babel"  
Michel Foucault, "Of Other Spaces (1967), Heterotopias. 
alvaro barbosa - displaced soundscapes  
Binaural Media - Interviews on locative media 

These readings from syllabus organized by Mark Tribe on Net Art 

Bruce Sterling: “A Short History of the Internet,” The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, February 1993
Rachel Greene: “Web Work: A History of Internet Art,” Artforum, May 2000

"6 Questions in search of a network: Matthew Fuller Interviews Simon Pope
Alex Galloway, “Possibility”
Hakim Bey: Art Sabotage
Niall McKay: "The Golden Age of Hacktivism"
A Hacker Manifesto [version 4.0], by McKenzie Wark
Hacking = Labor = Art," by Christine Smallwood
Every Bit is a Work of Art," by Michelle Delio 
Live from Cyberspace, or, I was sitting at my computer this guy appeared he thought I was a bot," Location One. - Philip Auslander 
Jordan Crandall: Symposium on Performance & Technology
Martha Wilson: "Historical Summary of Live Art on the Internet"
Herbert Blau: “The Human Nature of the Bot”
Caterina Davinio: "Net-Performance Processes and Visible Forms" -
Jon Ippolito: “Why Art Should Be Free"
Rosi Braidotti: "Cyberfeminism with a Difference"
Cornelia Sollfrank: "Not Every Hacker is a Woman"
Alex Galloway: "A Report on Cyberfeminism"
Lev Manovich: Database as a Symbolic Form
Richard Stallman: "Can you trust your computer?"
Ulises Mejias - Social Media and the Networked Public Sphere  
Chris Byrne - Mobile Realism? 
see also section on hypertext below

LEA Special Issue on Locative Media  
Locative Media as socialising and spatializing practice - Anne Galloway and Matt Ward
Trace: Mapping The Emerging Urban Landscape - Alison Sant
Swimming In The Grey Zones - Leslie Sharpe
Locative Viscosity: Traces Of Social Histories In Public Space - Lily Shirvanee
LEA Locative Media: A Brief Bibliography And Taxonomy Of Gps-Enabled Locative Media - Julian Bleecker and Jeff Knowlton
Malcolm Mccullough On Urban Markup: Frames Of Reference In Location Models For Participatory Urbanism
Michele Chang and Elizabeth Goodman Asphalt Games: Enacting Place Through Locative Media
Steve Benford, Martin Flintham, Adam Drodz, Nick Tandavanitj, Matt Adams and Ju Row Farr The Design
    And Experience Of The Location-Based Performance Uncle Roy All Around You
Lalya Gaye and and Lars Erik Holmquist Performing Sonic City: Situated Creativity In Mobile Music Making
Sally-Jane Norman Locative Media & Instantiations Of Theatrical Boundaries
Misha Myers Homing Devices For Unhomely Times

Locative Media - Bibliography

Michael Grebb Cities Unleash Free Wif (wired) 

Net Art as Theater of the Senses - Randall Packer 
Hypertextual Consciousness - Mark Amerika
Introduction to - Alexei Shulgin and Nathalie Bookchin
Why Have there been no great Net Artists? - Steve Dietz in the Age of Digital Reproduction - David Ross

criticalartware (Jon Cates, Ben Syverson and Jon Satrom)  likn: A Flexible Platform for Information and Metadata Exchange