General Art & Technology

The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction by Walter Benjamin  
Digital Digressions: Art at the End of the Millenium by Edward Earle  
techno.seduction: There is nothing alarming in this situation by Berta M. Sichel, 1997 
techno.seduction: Turning on Technology by Roy Ascott  
No Go Zone  Hakim Bey  
Culture, Technology, Creativity by Simon Biggs  
Web Schmeb - The Death of Computer Art by Lev Manovich  
Cinema and Digital Media  Lev Manovich  
Death of Computer Art   Lev Manovich  
What is Digital Cinema  Lev Manovich  
An Archeology of a Computer Screen - Lev ManovPostmodernism and Photoshop - Lev Manovich  
How to Do Things with Pictures William J. Mitchell  
Intention and Artifice William J. Mitchell  
Dark & Light Visions Stephen Wilson  
Critical Issues in Electronic Media Simon Penny  
Artist in Dataspace by Simon Penny  
 From A to D and back again: The emerging aesthetics of Interactive Art   - Simon Penny  
What is digital studies?  Alex Galloway  
Surf-Sample-Manipulate: Pla(y)giarism On The Net - Mark Amerika  
  gerhard richter - nanotech, blur and tragedy 
Utopian Plagiarism, Hypertextuality, and Electronic Cultural Production - Critical Art Ensemble  
Olats - Space Art - bibliography and links  
Annick Bureaud Review of Mir Art/Zero Gravity projects 
Review of McLuhan theories 
Origins of Virtualism: An Interview with Frank Popper -   Joseph Nechvatal  
Telematic Manifesto  Randall Packer  
The Electronic Word: Democracy, Technology, and the Arts - Richard A. Lanham  
Database of Virtual Art  - Oliver Grau  
CRUMB (papers for those who curate, exhibit, organise, or archive new media art)  
links to artists' papers  Ken Rinaldo  
Collecting the UnCollectable (problems of archiving new media art) - Michele Thursz  
A brief overview of media art in Croatia (since 1960s)  
Pour une typologie des interfaces artistiques - Annick Bureaud  
Open_Source_Art_Hack - Jenny Marketou and Steve Dietz  
Media matters (conservation of new media)
Promoting E-Literature by Ethnic Writers -Jaishree Odin  
Leonardo - Master Draugthsman Metropolitan Museum web exihibit  
Anomalie digital_arts - multilinqual articles on digital arts  
Lin Hsin Hsin - Conceptualizing a Digital Media Museum 
Preservation of Digital Art - Richard Rinehart  
DOCAM (Langlois project on preservation of digital art)

Peter Walsh - The Web and the Horse in the Cave: New Technologies and the Meaning of Art 
Sean Cubitt - The Relevance of the Baroque An Outtake from Digital Aesthetics 
Sol Lewitt: "Sentences on Conceptual Art"  
charles halary - Art and Electromagnetism: A Relationship in the Form of a Wave 
Media Arts Project Louise Poissant  English
Sachiko Hayashi  - Between Art and Technology 
IDC discussion list on new media 
Robert Atkins - Camouflage 
Langlois - Issues in curating and preserving digital art 
Jeremy Hight - immersive-sight (tangible interfce, activated space) 
Fabrication Conference (architecture and rapid prototyping)