Artificial Life / Artificial Intelligence / Robotics / Generative Art

The Darwin Machine: Artificial Life and Art by Simon Penny  
Embodied Cultural Agents  Simon Penny  
Agents as Artworks and Agent Design as Artistic Practiceas(Simon Penny)  
Essays on Alife, Conciousness  Eddie Shanken  
Artificial Intelligence Research as Art Stephen Wilson  
AI and Aesthetics  Warren Sack  
Life as We Know It and/or Life as It Could Be: Epistemology and the Ontology/Ontogeny of Artificial Life  Edward Shanken  
As Att is Lifelike Evolution, Art, and the Readymade  Nell Tenhaaf  
Implications of Intelligent Agents  (Howard Rhinegold)  
emergent behaviours - towards computational aesthetics (Paul Brown)  
Alien Intelligence Show Interview - Erkki Hutamo ##
Papers on AI - Victoria Vesna  
Theories of AI - Marc Bohlen Switch Article 
research on alife artists  Mitchell Whitelaw  
Ramos,  Vitorino , Filipe Almeida, Artificial Ant Colonies in Digital Image Habitat 
Ramos, Vitorino - On the Implicit and on the Artificial - Morphogenesisand Emergent Aesthetics in Autonomous Collective Systems 
links to papers - generative art conference 
Why The Future Doesnt Need Us - Bill Joy  
Physical Computing essays 
James R. Hugunin - aesthetic use of machinic beings (brief historical survey)