Art and Research / Science

Art as Research (Stephen Wilson)  
Beyond Productivity - Resport to the National Academy of Science on need to involve artists in research  
Truth, Beauty, Freedom, and Money  Technology-Based Art and the Dynamics of Sustainability  -  Michael Naimark Rockefeller report  
Science and Art - Looking Backward/Looking Forward  - Stephen Wilson essay for Neuro show catalog  
Virtual Art as a Socio-Technical Interface  (Thierry Bardini & Michael Century) ;  Seminar in Cultural Policy
Pathways of Innovation (Michael Century)  Links to Papers 
the_future_of_science is_art (Jonah Lehrer  - Seed Magazine) 
Simon Biggs.  Introduction for ITEM: Artists in research environments 
Jean-Paul Fourmentraux - Internet Artworks, Artists and Computer Programmers: Sharing the Creative Process  (Leonardo 39:no. 1)
Role of Artist in Defining New Spaces Soulliac Charter (Don Foresta)  
Review of Tauber PhilosophyArt/Science book 
Art in an age of science and technology Amy Ione  
New Media Art | New Funding Models - Pamela Jennings  
V2 Information is alive conference  
 Art Science (Sorensen, Vibeke )
Code Zebra - Sara Diamond (Banff)  
Ernest Jennings - studies of collaborations 
Innovation as Music:  A Non-Materialistic Perspective. - Bill Buxton  
Truth, Beauty, Freedom, and Money: Technology-Based Art and the Dynamics of Sustainability - Mike Naimark   Michael Naimark, ìFirst Word Art/Last Word Art,î FineArtForum vol.15, issue 8, August 2001 
Stewart Brand, Creating Creating, Wired 1.01, March/April 1993 
 Michael Naimark, ìArt (andî or ëversusí) Technology: Some Personal Observations,î in Art@Science, Christa Sommerer, editor, Vienna and NY: Springer Press, 1997 
 Michael Naimark, Short Speech, Art at Interval, Tech Museum of Innovation, San Jose, 1999 
Stephen Webster - analysis of Wellcome Trust Science on Stage & Screen program
Lewis Wolpert - critique of art/science 
Eddie Shanken - Artists in Industry and the Academy: Interdisciplinary Research Collaborations 
Sara Diamond - Degrees of Freedom: Models of Corporate Relationships 
Stephen Webster - Art and science collaborations in  the United Kingdom 2005 in Nature (limited access) 
Wellocme Trust Engaging Science: Thoughts, deeds, analysis and action (book chapters )
Peter Deuflhard  -  Painters, Murderers, Mathematicians
Karin Beaumont - antartica art/science(pdf)  
Information arts -  Murat Karamuftuoglu 
Avi Rosen - Art at the Event Horizon 
Simon Penny - From A Guide to Good Practice in Collaborative Working Methods and New Media Tools Creation 
Dana Consortium Report on Cognition and the Arts - Review of studies linking cognitive skills with art 
Sceptical Inquirer (special issue on art & science  11/06) 
artificial intelligence and art papers - AAAI 
David Peat - A World of Imagination interviews with artistsMeeting of Art and ScienceArt and Biotechnology Discussion Forum    Thoughts on the Arts-Science Interface 
Semiconductor - Do you Think Science (film based on interviews with space scientists) 
Bronac Ferran,James Leach, Tony White(eds). Arts and Science Research Fellowships - Arts Council UK - Special Section in Leonardo Vol 39:5  2006.  (online versions via library services)   Overview essays and reports from various collaborations.
Linda Dalrymple Henderson (ed). Science in Context. Special Issue: Writing Modern Art and Science. Cabmridge Uni. Press, London & New York. December 2004. Vol 17:4 (pp423-635)  access through online services
CERN project Signatures of the Invisible (artists in residence)