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Harman — How little we know.

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P. 343
Bibliographic Reference: 
Collapse .\Philosophical Research and Development : Volume IV. Urbanomic, n.d.

Foucault — to know oneself

"One of the main moral obligations of any subject is to know oneself, to tell the truth about oneself, and to constitute oneself as an object of knowledge both both for other people and oneself."

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P. 177
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Foucault, Michel. The politics of truth. Los Angeles  CA: Semiotext(e), 2007.


"the other possibility is blocked, that man might be admitted more and sooner and ever more primally to the essence of that which is unconcealed and to its unconcealment, in order that he might experience as his essence his needed belonging to revealing." (p.295)

Bibliographic Reference: 
Heidegger, Martin. Philosophical and political writings. New York ;London: Continuum, 2003.
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